Local 9421 will be collecting canned food for the holidays thru Dec. 7th


I spent 12hrs today sorting donations and helping evacuees find what they needed. If you want to donate anything, TARPS TARPS TARPS! Rain is coming and all the donations and evacuees are stuck outside!
Also, they want sleeping bags not blankets.
BACKPACKS! Or duffle bags. To carry their stuff around. But NOT luggage!
Diapers ONLY size 4, 5, 6… this guy cried when I found a size 4 in the mountain of 1s and 2s
NO CLOTHES! Unless they are 2x-4x, those were asked for all day!
NO TOOTHBRUSHES/PASTES! Mouthwash instead.
NEW Underwear. SOCKS!
For food: kids snacks. Protein! Beef jerky and canned meats. There’s tons of veggies and soup. Top ramens, cup of noodles. Rice a roni.
The packets that go in water bottles.
Apple juice. NOT WATER
Pots for cooking on camping stove. Paper plates. Napkins.
Toilet paper, this went as soon as we set it down.
First aid kits. Neosporin! Those were asked for all day long.
Make up! Ladies asked for makeup and emptied the bin as soon as we put some. They really wanted basic make up.
NO HOTEL TOILETRIES!! Oh m geee there was tons n tons but no regular size and ppl need sets of regular sizes due to storage.
Brushes and hair ties!

Donations can be dropped off at the 9421 hall and will be delivered to the evacuees in Chico.

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