The following is the schedule for mobility contract ratification voting. If you are not scheduled to be on shift when we are at your location, you can either come to another location at the scheduled dates and times, or come to the Hall on either 01/10/2018 or 01/11/2018 during those scheduled times. Only members in good standing may vote on this contract. Mobility Stewards will be available at all locations for questions. Non Mobility members are there to conduct the voting procedures. You will be provided a Vote sheet and an envelope after verifying you are a member in good standing. You will then make your selection, place inside envelope and seal, and then place in secure voting box. Votes will be tallied for our local 01/11/2018 in the afternoon, with results to be sent as soon after as possible to the district.

If you have any questions please contact your Mobility Steward

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